Clay Bell, Aaron Sarlo, Mark Pearrow, and Shayne Gray formed Techno-Squid Eats Parliament in 1992, based on demo recordings from Bell and Sarlo. Techno-Squid’s first show was as a participant in the Spectrum Weekly Musicians Showcase, judged by music industry legends Jody Stephens, Jim Dickinson, and John Fry. Techno-Squid won first place that evening, and, shortly after, signed to Ardent Records and recorded their eponymous album with Grammy™ winner, John Hampton, producing. Philips Multimedia re-released the eponymous album, and Techno-Squid toured the U.S. and Canada relentlessly, made countless fans and friends along the way, inspired a host of indie rock acts, and was featured on Mtv’s 120 Minutes, as well as Mtv Canada, who famously told the band, back stage at the 1995 NXNE music conference, “You guys are the only band we care to see this year.”

Techno-Squid Eats Parliament disbanded July, 1995.

On August 15, 2015, Techno-Squid reunited, releasing their second album, “We’re Back. What Did We Miss?”

Where Did the Name Come From?

We originally played under the name The Lemmings, but after some personnel changes, we decided to change the name. There is an English comic called Viz (http://viz.co.uk/ ; warning, loads of profanity) that used to have a lot of cover stories that were spoofs of US tabloids, like “Bat Boy Eats Own Face” and the like. When we formed the band, a lot of bands had ostentatious names like They Might Be Giants and Toad The Wet Sprocket, so I wanted something absurd / dada that sounded like a headline from Viz.

So, the visual that the name should invoke is that of a mechanical leviathan rising up from the Thames and stuffing members of Parliament (not the band) into its gaping maw. Unfortunately, the name instead tended to conjure images of either Techno music or funk (as in the band Parliament). Alas!

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